About Us

Scoreboards Online started as we have a passion for sport – especially Cricket and Rugby, but if we are honest, we will watch almost anything!

When watching, we were fed up of just wondering what the score was. With so much going on, we the crowd needed to know just how many points, goals, runs or wickets (you get the idea) our favourite team were losing by.

Therefore, Scoreboards Online was created. Yes we tried to think of cleverer names, but hey Scoreboards Online tells you exactly what we do!

We offer a range of standard electronic scoreboards and they are all available online.

All boards are operated with a long range unique Scoreboards Online wireless remote control unit and all cricket scoreboards can be connected and controlled by Play Cricket Scorer or Cricket EU via your tablet, phone or Ipad..

We love talking so if you need a new scoreboard then give us a call on 01278 321 343.

Bright LED displays keep games on track! Score, time, & basic stats - easy to see from any seat. Buy our standard electronic scoreboards today
Level up your games! Crisp visuals display scores, timers & stats. Easy to use & control digital scoreboards

Cricket / Rugby / Football / Hockey & more..

We can provide a system to modify an existing manual scoreboard or provide a complete stand alone system. Being 12v & low in power consumption, units are ideal for solar & battery power or they can be connected to a permanent supply with use of a transformer.

Compact Remote Control

A sport specific compact remote control is available with all boards. Customised to each sport, they are easy to use and robust as each is supplied in a soft silicone case. If preferred, you can use a bluetooth android phone or tablet to control.