We recognise that the sports we play are changing every few months. Which is why we have introduced our dual-purpose scoreboard which covers Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Netball and more. Our unique design allows for our 9 Digit Cricket Scoreboard on one side, and a Home & Away Scoreboard with a period and timer. All of this on one of our incredibly versatile trolleys that are built to be moved around all sorts of pitches. Our 9 Digit Cricket scoreboard comprises of 10 inch tall, high-intensity LEDs which are easily visible and controlled from over 100m away. On the reverse our Home & Away scoreboard uses 10 inch tall digits for the main score, 8 inch tall digits for both the timer and the period function. Included with these trolleys are one of our 12v leisure batteries (and charger) which can easily power these boards for up to 10 hours . Both scoreboards are controlled from their own unique remote control that are simple and easy to use; and each scoreboard can be completely customised to include your logos, colours and even fonts.