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12v power adaptor for 18v DeWalt batteries

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12v adaptor for DeWalt 18v batteries


This system allows you to use one or two 18v DeWalt batteries to power your scoreboard. The Power Adaptor converts the 18v supply to 12v automatically.

Battery life varies and cannot be guaranteed, but one 5ah DeWalt battery will typically last 1.5 to 2 hours depending upon scoreboard size and actual score.

DeWalt Batteries are not included but are available from Scoreboards Online if required.

*NOTE: Use of the DeWalt name is for identification purposes only and this product is in no way produced by, supported by, endorsed by or the responsibility of DeWalt.

Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 150mm

Lockable door

IP65 rated

Can be permanently fitted to wall if required. Can be fitted with hanging brackets to make removable


Additional information

Hanging Brackets

No Thanks, 2 Hanging Brackets (+£12)


No thanks – I have my own, 2no. 5ah DeWalt Batteries (+£180), 4no. 5ah DeWalt Batteries (+£360)

Battery Charger

No Thanks, Single DeWalt Battery Charger (+£50), Double DeWalt Battery Charger (+£150)

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