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22 Digit LED Cricket Scoreboard with DLS and Player Names

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This state-of-the-art dual colour cricket scoreboard is everything that the club or school needs. The high intensity LED numbers are low energy but extremely bright meaning they can comfortably be read from anywhere on the field. The unit is supplied as standard with a long range (typically 150m+) full remote control designed by Scoreboards Online making this the easiest board to control on the market bar NONE!

12v £0.00 230v £0.00 12v (with Battery) +£250.00
None 4x 40mm x 40mm x 80mm Angle Bracket +£19.99 4x 40mm x 100mm x 80mm Angle Bracket +£27.99 2x 50mm x 60mm x 60mm Hanging Bracket +£11.99 Sign Rails (for Mounting on Posts) +£162.00
SKU: SO-C22-DLS Category:


22 Digit Large Cricket Scoreboard with DLS & Player Names – Scoreboards Online

Our 22 Digit Cricket Scoreboard is a perfect option for the bigger cricket clubs and schools that are wanting even more detail, still in a simple to read format. We use a combination of 8” (200mm), 10” (250mm) high LED digits & P10 LED Matrix panels. All of which are ultra-clear, high-intensity and easily visible from anywhere on a cricket pitch.


Scoring information includes:

  • Total (10” LED Digits)
  • 2x Batter Names (P10 LED Matrix Panels)
  • 2x Batter Scores (8” LED Digits)
  • Wickets (10” LED Digits – max 9)
  • Overs (10” LED Digits – max 99)
  • Duckworth Lewis Par (10” LED Digits)
  • To Win or 1st Innings (10” LED Digits)

With our LED Matrix panels we are able to display the batter’s name alongside their score. When connected to PlayCricket, the batter name is imported in and so players can see their name in lights! If you are not connected to PlayCricket then these default to say Bat 01, Bat 02, Bat 03 etc.


This scoreboard also allows you to display the DLS Par when connected to PlayCricket. Rain is affecting so many games now, and most leagues have adopted some form of DLS method. With this scoreboard you can display the target score as well as all the other relevant information.


As standard we supply this cricket scoreboard with White LEDs, however these can easily be swapped out to Amber LEDs, or a combination of the two. Likewise, the colour of the scoreboard itself can be customised to fit your club or school colours. We offer 4 colours as standard, but if you are after a different or more specific colour, we can accommodate this.


This scoreboard is made up of a fully welded, 2mm thick aluminium frame & casing. The outer case is then powder coated to match your colour of choice. All the LED digits are protected by sealed, 5mm thick, unbreakable clear polycarbonate windows. These are a special type of non-reflective polycarbonate which is perfect for summer sports such as cricket.


With each of these scoreboards, we supply one of our unique, long-range, easy-to-use remote controls. We have designed these with simplicity in mind so anyone can pick it up and use it without the need for an hour-long demonstration. They are the easiest scoreboards to control on the market, bar NONE!22 Digit Cricket Scoreboard Controller


As cricket fields are often quite big, each of our controllers will work from over 100m away. All data is sent through radio frequencies, and each pairing has its own unique channel; meaning you could operate up to 4 different scoreboards in one area without confusion.


Our 22 Digit Cricket Scoreboards can run on 230v (mains electricity), or a 12v power source. We appreciate mains electricity is not always present, and so our 12v leisure battery option has proved incredibly popular. This can comfortably power you through an entire game and mean you don’t have a long wire going back to your clubhouse. Power supply requirements do need to be confirmed on order, however if you’re unsure our team would be happy to help.


Positioning of a scoreboard can sometimes be a contentious topic between committees, and we have a couple of different options for how you can do this. This unit can be easily mounted directly onto a wall, or onto round posts. Likewise, we can even mount it onto one of our specially designed trolleys for even more versatility. This mobile option is even better when paired with one of our batteries and means the scoreboard can be easily stowed away for protection, when not in use.


PlayCricket is one of the most popular methods of scoring a cricket game in the UK right now, and we are happy to say that all of our cricket scoreboards are fully compatible with both the tablet/smartphone app, and the laptop app as standard. This way you don’t have to worry about scoring, and updating a scoreboard as when you’re linked, it does it automatically. We have provided comprehensive guides on how to connect your scoreboard to both PlayCricket Scorer and to PCS Pro.



  • 2000mm x 1240mm x 65mm
  • The selection of a trolley increases the scoreboard height by 350mm and width by 50mm. The overall depth of the scoreboard (from wheel to wheel) is 700mm, meaning it will easily fit through any standard single doorway



  • 50kg


VAT – Our prices include VAT. A VAT receipt will be provided. 

Additional information

LED Colour

White & Red, White, Amber


2000mm x 1240mm x 65mm


The unit can be mounted on a wall, posts or optionally can be trolley mounted, meaning it can be stowed away easily for protection.

Power Requirements

The board can run on 230v, 12v battery power. Power supply requirement needs to be confirmed on order. If battery power is required, we have a range of solar options that can charge the battery. Do call or email us to discuss your situation – we are always happy to help.


Construction is a fully welded 2mm thick aluminium frame & casing. The outer case is then powder coated and all numbers are protected by sealed 5mm thick unbreakable clear polycarbonate windows.



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