4 Digit Portable LED Football Scoreboard

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It never ceases to amaze us how many clubs at sporting events don’t have a scoreboard – it is vital to engage with the crowd and now you can at an even more affordable price!

This standard football scoreboard can count up to a maximum of 19 goals and can easily be carried to and from your pitch for gamedays. Our lightweight and portable design allow a team member to hang the board up for the game, and bring it back down straight after; all while controlling it through our easy to use remote control.



4 Digit Portable LED Football Scoreboard – Scoreboards Online

It never ceases to amaze us how many clubs at sporting events don’t have a scoreboard – it is vital to engage with the crowd and now you can at an affordable price!


The exclusive Scoreboards Online portable LED Football Scoreboard is a fantastic addition to any grass roots football club.


This LED Football scoreboard features home and away scores up to a maximum of 19 goals per side and this is controlled through one of our unique, easy-to-use remote controls. You can easily operate the scoreboard from over 100m away, perfect for when you’re at the other end of the rugby pitch!


Portable LED Football Scoreboard Controller

Visibility is of course paramount and our high-intensity 10” (250mm) high LED digits are perfect for this. Available in 3 different colours (White, Amber or Red), you can tailor the scoreboard to fit your needs.


Construction is made up of a fully welded, 2mm thick aluminium frame & casing. The outer case is then powder coated to match your colour of choice. All the LED digits are protected by sealed, 5mm thick, unbreakable clear polycarbonate windows.


This scoreboard comes equipped with 2 handles, one for each side so the scoreboard can be easily carried out the pitch prior to the game. The mount brackets come fitted to the scoreboard so you can easily hand it from any wall or sign to display during the game.


Our 4 Digit Portable LED Football Scoreboards can run on 230v (mains electricity), or a 12v power source. We appreciate mains electricity is not always present, and so our 12v leisure battery option has proved incredibly popular. This can comfortably power you through an entire game and mean you don’t have a long wire going back to your clubhouse.


One of our other popular power options is to use one of our Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee Power Adaptors. These allow you to power your scoreboard through a standard 18v Power Tool Battery. Every club has a tradesperson with plenty of these in their van! Power supply requirements do need to be confirmed on order, however if you’re unsure our team would be happy to help.


If you would like to see some of our favourite scoreboards, have a look at our Facebook page!



  • 800mm x 590mm x 40mm



  • 30kg

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Using the supplied mounting brackets this scoreboard can easily be attached or hung from a wall.

Power Requirements

As standard the board is supplied with a 12v socket so can be connected to a 12v battery. Included is also a power adaptor that converts to 230v, allowing you to plug the board into a standard 13A plug.

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