EX-DEMO Mobile Home & Away Scoreboard with Period and Timer

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If you have an existing scoreboard and just want to add some electronic LED digits then this is the very simple addition for you. This just fixes onto your existing board and you are done.
It can be used for Hockey, Football, Rugby, Netball and many other sports. 

These are constructed with high-intensity 200mm (8″), 250mm (10″), 300mm (12″), 375mm (15″) or 455mm (18″) high numerals in a choice of colours – white, amber or red. The whole board is constructed from 2mm thick welded and powder coated aluminium with 5mm thick unbreakable polycarbonate glazing.

Supplied with our long range (125m) unique compact and incredibly easy to use rechargeable remote controller in a soft silicone easy grip case (With Home & Away score adjustment +5, +4, +3, +2, +1 / -1).


This fantastic Mobile Home & Away Scoreboard with Period/Half/Quarter/Inns function is great for a multitude of different sports.


In addition, we have added a count up / down timer in 200mm (8″) numerals. Start the timer at 00:00 and it will count up or start at any time above this (in 1 minute increments) and it will count down to 0. At any time during play, the timer can be paused and restarted.

The Home and Away digits are 10″ (250mm) tall, the Period and Timer digits are 8″ (200mm) tall.

Scores, Period and Timer functions are operated by a long range rechargeable remote control making the board extremely simple to operate.


The power system for this ex-demo unit can still be specified. The board can run on 230v, 12v battery power or alternatively we can provide an adaptor box allowing the scoreboard to run from 18v Makita or DeWalt power tool batteries (using 2x 5ah batteries typically gives approx. 4 hours run time). Power supply requirement needs to be confirmed on order. If battery power is required, we have a range of solar options that can charge the battery. Do call or email us to discuss your particular situation – we are always happy to help.

The scoreboard stands on a tall trolley making it easy to read from distance and can be moved to multiple pitches or simply put away for safe keeping. The pneumatic rubber wheels and side handles make moving the whole board extremely easy and effortless.

Overall dimensions are 1060mm wide x 1800mm tall x 700mm deep. This excludes a top mounted antenna and side handles.

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