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Personalised 6 Digit LED Rugby Scoreboard with Timer

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It never ceases to amaze us how many clubs at sporting events don’t have a scoreboard – it is vital to engage with the crowd and now you can at an affordable price!


The exclusive Scoreboards Online personalised LED Electronic Scoreboard with a Timer is a fantastic addition to any club or school. Easily control a countdown or count up clock providing even more information to the crowd watching the game. Have the board made in your club colours, with your club name, club logo and choose the colour of the LED digits (red/amber/white).

12v £0.00 230v £0.00 12v (with Battery) +£250.00 Makita Power System +£199.00 Dewalt Power System +£199.00 Milwaukee Power System +£199.00
None 4x 40mm x 40mm x 80mm Angle Bracket +£19.99 4x 40mm x 100mm x 80mm Angle Bracket +£27.99 2x 50mm x 60mm x 60mm Hanging Bracket +£11.99 Sign Rails (for Mounting on Posts) +£162.00
SKU: R6-D12-T Category:


Personalised 6 Digit LED Rugby Scoreboard with Timer – Scoreboards Online

It never ceases to amaze us how many clubs at sporting events don’t have a scoreboard – it is vital to engage with the crowd and now you can at an affordable price!


The exclusive Scoreboards Online personalised LED Rugby Scoreboard with Timer is a fantastic addition to club or school setup. Have the board made in your colours, with your name, your logo and even customise the colour of the LED Digits.


Branding has become such an important part of all clubs and schools, so why should that not translate to your rugby scoreboard too? If you would like some free, no-obligation mock-ups made with your branding, please get in touch and our team can put some together for you. We will always make sure we have your 100% approval of a design and will work with you to make sure everything is perfect. We have a wide range of custom colours to choose from, so get in touch to see some ideas!


This LED Rugby Scoreboard features home and away scores up to a maximum of 199 points per side and this is controlled through one of our unique, easy-to-use remote controls. You can easily operate this rugby scoreboard from over 100m away, perfect for when you’re at the other end of the rugby pitch! Alongside the scores you also have an easy-to-use start/stop timer that can be set to count up from 00:00 or count down from a specific set time.


The controller is made up of simple buttons that allow you to control a rugby game really easily. Both home and away teams have their own groups of buttons; included in these are a +5 (for tries), +3 (for penalties or drop goals), and of course +2 (for conversions). Should you make any mistakes you can easily subtract from the score and continue going. Once you’re finished, one button combination and you can reset the scoreboard back to 0 ready for the next game. To control the timer there is a play and a pause button on the face of the controller which allows you start and stop the timer, and you can easily set the period length using the +5 and +1 buttons on the clock.


LED Rugby Scoreboard Controller

Visibility is of course paramount and our high-intensity 12” (300mm) high LED digits are perfect for this. Available in 3 different colours (White, Amber or Red), you can tailor the scoreboard to fit your needs.


Construction is made up of a fully welded, 2mm thick aluminium frame & casing. The outer case is then powder coated to match your colour of choice. All the LED digits are protected by sealed, 5mm thick, unbreakable clear polycarbonate windows.


Positioning of a scoreboard can sometimes be a contentious topic between committees, and we have a couple of different options for how you can do this. This unit can be easily mounted directly onto a wall, or onto round posts. Likewise, we can even mount it onto one of our specially designed trolleys for even more versatility. This mobile option is even better when paired with one of our batteries and means the scoreboard can be easily stowed away for protection, when not in use.


To see some of our LED Rugby Scoreboard designs, visit our Facebook page.



  • 2000mm x 1420mmx 65mm
  • The selection of a trolley increases the scoreboard height by 350mm and width by 50mm. The overall depth of the scoreboard (from wheel to wheel) is 700mm, meaning it will easily fit through any standard single doorway



  • 30kg


VAT – Our prices include VAT. A VAT receipt will be provided.


Additional information

Board Colour

Black, Blue, Red, Light Green, Green, Maroon, Custom (+£300)

LED Colour

White, Amber, Red


2000mm x 1420mm x 65mm


The unit can be mounted on a wall, posts or optionally can be trolley mounted, meaning it can be stowed away easily for protection.

Power Requirements

The board can run on 230v, 12v battery power or alternatively we can provide an adaptor box allowing the scoreboard to run from 18v Makita or DeWalt power tool batteries (using 2x 5ah batteries typically gives approx. 6 hours run time).

Power supply requirement needs to be confirmed on order. If battery power is required, we have a range of solar options that can charge the battery. Do call or email us to discuss your particular situation – we are always happy to help.


The whole board is constructed from 2mm thick welded, and powder coated aluminium with 5mm thick unbreakable polycarbonate glazing – making the box watertight. Therefore, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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