Connecting Your Scoreboard To PlayCricket Scorer (Tablet/Phone)



• Setting The Channel On Your Cricket Scoreboard

• Connecting Your Scoreboard To PlayCricket Scorer (Tablet/Phone)

• Connecting Your Scoreboard To PCS Pro (Laptop)

• Scoring A Cricket Game With Your Controller

• Resetting The Scoreboard



Connecting your cricket scoreboard to the Play Cricket Scorer App found on tablets or phones is becoming increasingly popular. Once connected the scoring app will talk to your scoreboard and automatically update as you score.

To connect follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your controller is turned on
  2. Ensure your scoreboard and controller are on the same channel and talking to each other.
  3. Set up your game on the PlayCricket Scorer App
  4. Go to ‘Match Settings’
  5. Then ‘External Scoreboard’
  6. Once in the scoreboard settings, make sure ‘Manufacturer’ is set to ‘Generic’
  7. Open the ‘Devices’ tab and select SO Scoreboard from the list of Bluetooth options
  8. Your scoreboard will then populate with all the data from PlayCricket Scorer


If the scoreboard does not update, press ‘Refresh Scoreboard’ inside the scoreboard settings.

Occasionally PlayCricket Scorer app will lose it’s Bluetooth connection to the controller. This can be reinstated by following the above steps.