Using the Timer (Count Up/Down)



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Rugby Scoreboard with Timer Controller

The clock module found on your scoreboard can be easily set to count up from 00:00 or to count down from a specified number.


As standard the scoreboard will count up from 00:00, and this can be done by just hitting the Play button on the controller. You can then pause and play this stopwatch as much as you would like.


Should you want to countdown from a specific time:

  1. Make sure the timer is paused and reset (use the pause and reset buttons accordingly)
  2. Increase the match duration using the +5 and +1 minute buttons
  3. Once you have reached your desired length, press play ands this will count down
  4. If you press reset on the timer now it will reset to your specified time


If you would like to go back to counting up now, use the -5 and -1 buttons on the minutes to go back to 00:00. Once you press play it will count up again.